Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Persiapan Ramadhan - Tips workout ketika Ramadhan

As i was surfing the net seeking for tips for those who wants to maintain their workout routines during Ramadhan, i came to this very informative site. I simplified the article into point forms to make it easy to understand..


SAMPLE Ramadan MEAL PLAN for fat loss and muscle gain

(*This plan is for a 170 lb male, please adjust amounts forbody weight)


Eat 6-8 egg whites (one yolk)

One bowl of plain oatmeal w/ cinnamon, raisins and a banana

1 teaspoon all-natural peanut butter or olive oil or flax seed oil

Plenty of water (16-24 oz.)

Opti-pack by Super Nutrition (one pack) –multi-vitamin/mineral

Iftar (the evening opening of the fast):

Three Dates and a Nutrition Shake Plenty of water.

For cardio wokouts --Do cardio 45 minutes after this meal for 30-45 minutes at a moderate pace or do a sprint workout if you have less time and then have the next meal before taraweh. (Have a cup of green tea with Iftaron cardio days)

For weight training days: Eat another food meal beforeTaraweh like chicken breast (or baked salmon), brown rice and some veggies OR Baked Fish (Salmon, Tuna, Orange Roughy, or Mahi mahi), sweet potato, and a garden salad or some steamed vegetables.

Drink plenty of water during taraweh--Go to the gym aftertaraweh. (If you pray 20 rakahs, then have a protein bar in the middle of taraweh). Drink plenty of water during the workout and you can even have Powerade™ or a sports drink during the workout.

After the workout, have another Nutrition Shake --lots of water of course. Then sleep 45 minutes later


P/S: Following these simple workout and nutrition tips can really help you make great gains during this blessed month. May God help give us patience and strength in this month and throughout the year and make us strong mentally, internally, spiritually, and physically!


  1. boleh share the site x? coz skrg pon sy br masuk gym for losing my weight, tp selalu nye pergi pagi2.. tp bulan puase rase nye mesti missed gym sebulan.. so, need info for my diet during the fasting month..

  2. owh.. site banyak, just google je. tapi ape yg sy boleh nasihat, untuk weight loss, ambil makanan mencukupi je, jgn berlebih especially time berbuka. maintain calorie setiap makanan dalam 500 je. Sbg contoh, nasi ayam calorie dalam 400~500. Cukup mkn tu je. Ambil air suam, kuih2 sikit, n stop makan. Jgn berlebih2.. Setiap orang hanya perlukan kurang dari 1500 calorie sehari..

    And tips before gym di bulan ramadhan, berbuka dahulu dgn makanan2 simple n mudah hadam, pergi tarawikh, pergi gym, pastu baru makan berat.. :)