Sunday, July 25, 2010

Makan-Makan di Muhibah..

Yesterday was the last day for Fiza (my boss) at work before going on a 2 months maternity leave. So she has planned a very nice dinner in conjunction with Ida's and Khalil's birthday at Muhibah TTDI for us before her leave. The dinner was so great!! We have lots and lots of "lauk" that for sure all of us akan "melantak" sakan. ^_^

*me in pink t-shirt*

We have fried prawns, black pepper beef, seafood tomyam, kailan ikan masin, and many more..

Want to know the taste? (just my own opinion, cause tastebud is very personal thing). IT'S MARVELOUS! From the freshness until the taste, all are good. Love the Deep Fried Sotong, but the sauce is so-so. Hmm.. Well, at least that's the only one that not taste that good kan? The tomyam was fiery, tasty, but somehow missing something eventhough there's abundant ingredients in there. But that's ok.. ^_^

So, lads, try there. I really recommend the restaurant to anyone who wanna try new things. It's worth your money, I'm pretty sure.. That's all.

BTW, Happy birthday Ida.. Wish u all the best in the future! And to Fiza, wish you and your family a safe, gentle and joyous delivery.. :)

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  1. waaaa... fahmy.. i like your blog... thanks... it was nice to eat with good company...
    see you in 2 and a bit months... hopefully thinner lah! then can go makan makan again