Monday, April 26, 2010

Kerja oh Kerja~

Before i start, theres one q that i want to ask everyone? What is ur target in working? Is it about gaining experience and career? Or is it about salary and benefit that u get from a particular company? Hmm... For me, currently la, im kinda pathetic coz im working and job hopping to find salary satisfaction. Yeah, what to do? Nowadays everything needs money, u buy nasi lemak and teh tarik pon dah RM5 ok! Worst thing is, at my workplace, the parking fees is RM15 perday. Tu pon kena masuk before 8. Its like omg! Its a huge sum of money if i simpan untuk sebulan. Try to imagine workdays in a month is 20 and RM15 is paid for parking perday. 15x20 = 300! (>_<)
Whats my point here is that, if u calculate back the salary u get in ur previous work which of course are much lower compared to ur new one, the balance are the same, but the stress are lesser. In terms of fees, responsibility, work environment. Hmm.. Yeah, i kinda missed my previous work.. It was a work that related to my studies, with a so-so salary but, with a chance to gain better experience and job advancement in the future. Even, the parking is free! huhu~
So, how should i say this, please think and rethink again before u job hopping. Google the company, do research on the work environment there, especially regarding the parking fees and tolls. Haha..

This is what people called power plant. I was once worked here. ^_^

It has 3 chimneys..

And 6 steam turbines (pic only shows one)..

Owh! How i missed every minutes working here..


  1. alalalaaaa~~~~ ciannye mucuk ayg sorg ni...xpe la keje mne2 pn k, jnji ikhlas tau...ayg phm prasaan by, juz trima la takdir yg tersurat tu k....i'll owez support u my dear =)

  2. ayg kena bertanggungjawab! hahahaha~

  3. erkkk knp lak ayg?? huk huk huk

  4. ahaha.. gurau la. by yang brenti keje, by kena tanggung sndr. :) mane2 ade rezeki kan? insyaAllah..