Monday, April 26, 2010


If you thought 300 was too violent, don’t watch this. If you thought ‘Rome’ was too much, don’t watch this. A new show titled ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’ the latest series and its DaaBoommbb~ I kinda like it sooo much! (^_^). It has already finished its 1st season last Friday and I already download and watch every episode of it. Huhuhu~
Later i will talk a bit about the series.. Its highly recommended!
But for 18 and Above je ok!
Kalau nak, try mintak kat Nana. Harddisk dia pegang.. Haha~


  1. hahaha....weks~~ kang org laki mintk by tu lak nk jeles2...booo~~

  2. ekk~ ok pulangkan hd by! hahahaha!

  3. xmo xmo!!! selagi by x bawak barang2 ayg...ngeeee~~